Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gee-Vahn-Chee...and more Pyrex, of the Cinderella nature!

There was only 1 yard sale posted this last week on Cragslist, wah-wah. Winter set in today with a lovely 4" snow, so it will definitely be slim pickings from now through the rest of the Winter season.
At the one and only yard sale, I picked up this fun vintage cheerleading sweater with applique in a bright orange color. It reminds me of those SNL skits for the 'Perfect Cheer'. Here's the shirt and a perfect cheer to go along with it...

 Click Here For The SNL Perfect Cheer Skit

I had read a recent article that hosiery was coming back. Ughh, what torture!! I mean tights are one thing, but hosiery that itches, runs, snags, and makes your shoes not want to stay on, what-evs! But I guess Kate Middleton has been spotted in them, so that explains it. Now, when I was at said single yard sale, I spotted 3 packs of never worn and in original packaging Givenchy hose in the colors of pink, purple, and bright red.

I remembered the hosiery article, and they were vintage, and they were Givenchy, and they were 50 cents, and they were unique colors, you get the point. Listed them on the 'bay and sold the first pair within 8 hours for $14.99. Two are still available. I currently have two people 'watching'  a pair. Not a bad, quick, little flip huh?!

Since the yard sales are donesies, I will be heavily searching the Goodwill's to satiate my thrifting desires. I had a long and expensive Wednesday dealing with a car repair, but they gave me a loaner, so I figured I would use their gas to drive around town and hit the GW's! Out of that little trip came these...

 Via Spiga patent heels

Brighton heeled sandals

Small Pyrex Cinderella  Homestead pattern bowl, brown on tan, near mint!

Gay Head Martha's Vineyard vintage collectors measuring cup. Side note, if you Google Gay Head to do some research on a newly acquired find, you will get some interesting hits!

Wilton Barbie Cake Pan  

Starbucks Mug for Travel

Dana Buchman blouse in a beautiful shade of blue

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament with Santa and Reindeer on a motorcycle 1997, lights up too!

As you might be able to tell (or not) I am working on my photography skills and trying to use my DIY light box I posted about last time. Still need better lighting, but the photo editor helps slightly.

Oh, and I took the plunge after reading  a post from Jessica of We Sell On Ebay about the Pros and Cons of an ebay store. I had been thinking of opening one and was hesitant that I would be locked in to some agreement, or lose my listings or feedback if I decided to stop the store. Jessica was kind enough to answer my questions and I thought there was little drawback ($15.99) to trying a store for a month, so I took the plunge! Now VintageDreamsNE is not only an Etsy store but also and Ebay store. Thanks to my friends in the blogosphere and my readers, friends, and family for being so supportive of my new ventures!

Want a fun, new blog to follow? Canine Thespian! She too loves Pyrex and was just featured on the Pyrex Collective! She also makes crocheted animals which are adorable. I couldn't help but identify with her Pyrex love, her new blog, and I enjoyed her writing style. So, show some blog love, and give her a visit and a follow!!

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  1. Haha, the blindfolded reindeer made me laugh! I think those Givenchy hose are pretty neat, what a novelty! I hate hose myself but I can definitely see them being attractive to a buyer, especially with the neat colors. Good thinking!

  2. Thanks so much for the love Rachael! I really love that Pyrex bowl, I don't think I've ever seen that pattern before.


  3. Nice flip on the hose! And I bet someone will snatch that barbie mold up too.

  4. Oh, wow...I used to have those Brighton sandals! That was just about the time I said goodbye to hose forever...and I don't plan to say hello to them again...:)

  5. Found your site through a Mr. Modtomic post or maybe Dana's site. I'm more into the furniture thing but I will pass along to my wife who has been in the vintage clothing business for many years and also has an Etsy site if you have an interest.

  6. Yes, googling for research was an eye opener when I researched Vaseline Glass some years ago.

  7. Wow great thrift finds! I am now a new follower, stop by and visit me at;

  8. Haha, Rachael I am catching up on all that I have missed these past weeks I have been gone, and I am so glad I did or I would have never caught this gem 'Google Gay Head to do some research on a newly acquired find, you will get some interesting hits!' You are hilarious! Can't wait to put up my new finds, and I am now inspired to make my own photo booth for my items, great thinking! ;-p