Friday, December 30, 2011

Mad Men Thrifting And A Convert

Mr. TP and I had a costume birthday party to attend. I wanted to go as Don and Betty Draper. Easy enough for me, cause I already had the clothing. Mr. TP wanted to go to G-dub to look for a Don Draper-esque suit and his mission turned out well! He found this blue-gray window-pane suit for $1.

He found the suit and tried it on and told me he wasn't 'sure' about it. I told him he was crazy and looked amazing in the suit.

Mr TP: (opens fitting room door) What do you think?
Me: Get it, you look hawt! And, it's only a buck.
Mr TP: Uh, I don't know about it. I guess I will get it and you can just donate it back after I have worn it.

Fast forward to the night of the party. He gets the whole ensemble together and comes out into the hall to model the outfit and says, "I like this suit, it just needs a couple of alterations and I can wear it to the office". The whole night at the party he was getting compliments and in turn telling people how he got the suit for a buck, and he couldn't believe it, blah, blah, gonna wear it to the office, Goodwill is da bomb, etc.

I think I may have converted him to a thrifter!

P.S. My outfit: Dress, yard sale $1 and Purse, estate sale $4. Heels and jewelry: my own.

Who have you converted in to a thrift shopper?

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  1. My boyfriend is definitely converted, he LOVES going thrifting with me, as long as we don't stay in one place too long, or else his ADD starts to wear on him! You guys look so great!

  2. So fun, and yes...the suit looks great on him! And you look super cute, too! ~Jenny

  3. I often drag my husband around to thrift shops but I'm still waiting for him to find something amazing and get converted!

  4. You guys look amazing! Well done!

    Lindsey Turner

  5. My wife and I have been together long enough so I too am a convert,,,Not so much into the vintage clothing but have absolutly no problem browsing the trifts for MCM stuff..You guys look great and I think my vintage police wife would concur!

  6. You both look fantastic! You have Betty and Don down pat.

    My daughter and son-in-law were thrifting and going to estate sales before I did, but I started buying mid-century furniture first...and they got so into it that they opened their own store. Very serious converts!

  7. I love this photo! You both look fabulous and although I'm a regular thrifter, I'm still shocked at the price. Great job!

  8. You did exceptionally well. HOWEVER I do not think he needs to announce to people he works with that he dressed for under $10 or $25 (including underwear and excluding shoes.)
    Accept compliments and smile knowingly.
    You both could have stepped right off the Hollywood screen.

  9. my husband always had it in him, I just brought it out! He hits auctions and antique malls as often as he can!

  10. Hubby is now a convert (after 8 years). You look great! Ever think about getting a friend to photograph you in B&W in these outfits?

  11. Oh man I thought I did well last year with a $5 suit for mine! You smoked me lol! How fun!

  12. OMG 1$??!! wow! I ♥ ur outfit,super pretty!

    Do visit my blog,maybe we could follow each other?!
    She rockin them Stilettos

    1. Hi Renisha, Thanks for stopping by! I also checked out your following you :)