Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cold Weather Thrifting and Lettuce Show You A DIY Garden Update

It started to get cold here, real cold. I could only scrounge up 1 yard sale and 1 estate sale this past weekend. When I stopped at the garage sale, it was an older couple that had collected Hallmark and Barbie for ages, there were *hundreds* of Hallmark collectible ornaments for ultra cheap. I scooped many of the Disney, Coca Cola, and Year ornaments and quickly posted them in the ebay store. Also picked up some sweet old school Barbie stuff from the 90's, including the "gay" earring Ken doll that caused a Barbie uproar and the Barbie Sisters Holiday set which is in a stunning display box. A Santa Wilton cake pan also got thrown into my bag. The old couple was so sweet. It was cold and snowing outside and they had the garage heated and had cider, coffee, and cinnamon rolls. They chatted with me just enough to be friendly but not enough to distract me from my mission. The man even offered to carry my purchases to the car! Now that is what I call the perfect g-sale. Good prices, good service, and food!

Then it was on to the new Goodwill in town, the largest in the city. It was great and will now go on my list as a must visit on a frequent basis. I did think the shoes were priced awfully high though, have you all noticed this? Grabbed up some Pampered Chef, a men's dress shirt NWT, a Pendleton blazer, and a Nygard cropped knit jacket. Each clothing piece was scored for a buck!

Remember the Starbucks travel mug I posted about last time? I paid 2.99 for it and sold it as a buy it now for 24.99+ free ship (8.00) less than a week later. What a quick and easy flip! So, you can imagine that I was elated to see a Starbucks Las Vegas mug being wheeled out of the back in one of those horrible metal bins. I say horrible, because stuff has to get broken in those all the time, and probably good stuff, like vintage Pyrex :) I plucked the mug out of the cart immediately. This GW must price their mugs lower because it was 99 cents, woot! Goin' on the 'bay.

Stopped at the estate sale and scored this cool vintage industrial swivel task chair for my office. I am currently sitting in a overstuffed slipper chair that is so not ergonomically correct. I took a seat in this vintage industrial beauty and it felt like heaven! Mr. TP gave me the 'look' when he saw it in the garage. It has some torn upholstery on the arms and needs a cleaning, but I see the potential and will recover the chair. Because of the style, it will be an easy recover. New ergonomic office chair = $10 bucks.

I know ya'll have been on pins and needles to hear the DIY laundry room garden report ;) Here is a before and after photo...
Nov 29
Dec 20

Coming along nicely isn't it? We will wait for them to mature just a bit more and then thin them out and transfer them to a more appropriate container. Can't wait to have fresh salad greens and yummy Roma's. I might just have to start some sugar snap peas up in here! HA!

Lots of blog love to my readers. My followers are growing weekly and for that I am so thankful. Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Great scores, good for you! I don't have a Goodwill locally where I shop but I can tell you that I'm surprised at the prices Value Village charges for used shoes sometimes. They're often $13 or so, but I've seen them at $20 as well. That's pretty steep for used shoes.

  2. our local goodwill had some boys Cherokee shoes for $11.99. I'm pretty sure that would cost more than new at Target. Great finds on the NIP items.

  3. I love that chair! We just found a similar chair like that, but orange for my office space. Every time I see it I smile :)

  4. Hope you're having a very Merry Christmas, Rachael!

  5. Looks like you found some pretty cool stuff. I don't see why everyone was so quick to judge the poor Earring Magic Ken. Perhaps he was just a snappy dresser.

    Merry Christmas Rachael!

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  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair! total score for you. and the earring ken? wow, I missed that uproar, that one is new to me. yeah for plucking something out of those gawd-awful bins. gah!

  8. Hi, found your blog from Apron Thrift Girls Thrift Share Monday. I am following you, hope you follow back.

  9. Sometimes Goodwill does their homework and it is a little frustrating, that is why you have to have the eye! I was at a new Goodwill in my hometown and paid $13 for a charcoal snowflake casserole. I just couldn't pass it up even with that price!

  10. I hope you had a happy holiday :) fun finds, as always. Both the Ken doll and chair are amazing!

  11. I just found another Earring Magic Ken for $1.00 last week. I remember when that doll came out--so much drama for nothing.

  12. Just to let you know that this is the favorite blog of the week :) Thanks for joining us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Hope you can join us again.