Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hot and Cold

The yard sale season is cooling down, but hopefully that means Holdiay sales will be heating up in my shops! Not many sales to speak of this weekend, but of course, I still managed to find a few good items.
One of the sales I stopped at was that of a collector, so he knew what he had and the prices reflected this. But I still managed to wheel and deal on this Seth Thomas Speed Read flip clock. I think this is going to be my first refinishing project since it is such a small piece. Looks like the previous owner used the top of this clock to set his drinking glasses on thus leaving a lovely ring, ugh... This clock definitely has a cool factor, check it out...

Mr. Thrifty Picker came along with me to a sale that advertised itself as having numerous tools, new and old. I found this cool retro GE wall clock and he found a heavy duty old tire jack. Mr. TP can change a tire faster than anyone I have ever known and loves to stop and help change stranded motorists tires on the side of the road. But he always says the jacks that come with cars are hunks of junk and has been wanting a better one. Well, he picked up this gem for 10 bucks!

I scored some vintage clothing for myself this weekend These are my first two pieces of vintage clothing that I am keeping for myself. The first is a vintage Halston maroon shirt. My first piece, and it's a Halston! I die... It came with the cool skirt, but there is no way I am fitting into it, so that one will go in the vintage Etsy shop here shortly.

The second piece is this fantastic drop waist dress, it is in mint condition. I picked it up at a yard sale and asked the lady if it was hers. She said she had picked it up at an estate sale years ago intending to wear it and she never did. She sold it to me for $1, yes, really a buck! I wasn't intending to wear it either, it was going to go in the shop. But when I photographed it at home I thought it might fit and would be fun to try on. And, it fit. And, I fell in love with it. It is a nice warm fall, winter-type dress and I can't wait to have an excuse to wear it! This dress is so nicely structured that it won't even require the wearing of Spanx, woot! Ladies, I know you are feelin' me on that one! Mr. T P even likes it, whaaa?!?

 Well, that's all for now. Hope ya'll have a great week :)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving, Vintage Style

Hey all! I have been filling my Etsy store up for the Holidays and have many gift-worthy vintage items available. My latest addition is the 3 vintage purses I posted about last week, they are finally up! I would be eternally grateful if you re-tweeted or passed along my blog or Etsy shop info to anyone you know who loves vintage. Thanks so much for your support and kind comments.
Rachael :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dress Form Success

I finally got myself a dress form! Enough with laying out my garments to photo them for my Etsy or ebay biz! I'm gettin' down right fancy, except for my hunk of junk camera, that will be the next update hopefully.
Now that I have this dress form, which reminds me, what shall I name her? Comments section is open for suggestions! Ok, now that I have this dress form, I can really show off some of the fun garments I have found while thrifting. Here are a few that I will match up with the Mad Men character it would best suit. 
Specimen number 1...
A lovely midnight blue-black knee length dress with a pencil type skirt, blousey top, and 3/4 sleeves. A criss cross neckline. Um, I could totally see a skinny Joan in this with her ri-donk-ulous bosom accentuated in this frock!

Next up is this Tiffany blue and white winter dress coat. Look at the faux mother of pearl buttons and pretty pattern. A Betty Draper wardrobe must! Interestingly enough, the label says 'Sears Fashions', didn't know they had a 'fashion' line.

Check out this mustard colored sack dress. The color is saturated and stunning! It has a little tie belt that cinches in the waist and a high and modest neckline. Yep, this dress is definitely for Peggy.

If you would like to see more photos of these fun frocks, you can visit my Etsy store Vintage Dreams.

Don't forget to leave names for the dress form... :)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Estate Hoppin'

The estates were good to me this weekend. Need I say more...

Of course I have more to say, heck, I am a blogger! So, the above label was found on this lovely Herman Miller wheeled side table, a bit industrial looking, so I'm guessing contract HM. Um...yeah...5 bucks...bam!
Here's how it went down. There were 2 estate sales in the older part of town where I lived during college. This area consisted of old mansions, amazing bungalows, and brick apartments. But, you go a few blocks in the wrong direction and you are practically in the ghetto. I knew by the addresses of these two homes that they were in the bungalow/mansion part. When I got to the bungalow I realized that it wasn't a professionally run sale, yet surprisingly organized. The resident of the home was elderly and had moved to Texas and her neighbors were running the show and the prices were super low, prime example being the HM table. I was looking high and low, and was actually down on the floor when I saw the classic HM look on this beautiful four legged creature followed the legs upward and, OMG, it was a little rolling side table (tucked under an ugly garage sale folding buffet table). I was already underneath it and looking up, so the HM logo was right there in my face, shining in all of its glory.

This little bistro set came home with me too, an addition that I had been searching for to add to our front patio, $10. Usually I am not down with the scrolly, vine look, but the hairpin-like legs added a nice masculine-feminine balance to the set.

Check out these super vintage purses. I think the woman who owned these previous must have been a stylin' chicky...these will be on my etsy shop, Vintage Dreams. The first one is a fun mossy gray and green color. I especially love the one with the initial on the front. I know you can't tell by the pic, but the last one is gigantic!

A Pyrex update: I am now the proud owner of my first Pyrex fridgie! This one will permanently reside in my kitchen and is holding sugar for my morning coffee. Cannot wait to find more colors...

What a cool condiment dish (I think)...yep, to etsy it will go!
Thanks for stopping by today, and happy Monday!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Special Treatment

Here are a few finds that deserve their own post and pics, they are some of my faves...
This is a vintage Amy Adams dress that still has its original tags. I am guessing the 1960s or early 70s for a date on this lovely sack dress. I picture someone who is having a vintage wedding wearing this little number.

Check out theses cute little desktop lamps. Of course, they aren't labeled, annoying. The cream colored guy I am keeping to use for when I sew for better lighting. Both found at yard sales. The brown one will be on my etsy shop very shortly. These lamps are fully articulated and in good vintage condition, including the cords. I am always concerned with the condition of the cords if I am going to sell them, don't want any angry "the lamp that you sold me burned my place to the ground" etsy feedback, not good for business!

Here is a closer look at that cool Samsonite carry on Pan-Am style bag I picked up at last weekends estate sales. is just fabulous and the fact that is blue and in such great condition makes me love it even more!

I haven't even mentioned some way legit (like the kids are saying these days) Aladdin Thermos items. One is a complete picnic kit that was never used and still in its original box. Such vintage-y coolness! And this, again, way legit, Aladdin Thermos personal air pot! I have never seen an Aladdin Thermos that was an air pot *and* personal sized! So basically, stick it in your briefcase, fill up once in the morning when you get to work, and never have to get up for another refill or warm-up all day, NUTS! If it doesn't sell for some crazy reason, I will keep it and use it in my home office, even though the kitchen coffee pot is only about 20 feet away.

Visit my etsy shop~Vintage Dreams  for more deets on the above items and to check out more fun vintage and Holiday gifts.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jedi Masters and Early Americans

I am the temporary owner of an instant Star Wars collection. The 'bay had suggested this would be a hot item for the Holidays, so I have been on the lookout. When I went back to the estate sale from my last post for half-price Saturday, I picked up a talking Yoda doll still in his original box, a C-3PO talking pen with original blister card, and I found the Trilogy and other SW DVDs at another sale. All on the cheap of course! My dog doesn't like the story telling Jedi master, it freaks him out, so he is stored safely out of reach of the Dobie. The Trilogy has already sold but Yoda is available and generating many views, see him here.

My Pyrex fest continues with the find of an Early American pattern 1.5 qt bowl. The pattern is not my style, but I can surely appreciate its Pyrex-iness. (Did I just make up a new word?)

Anywho, I also picked up my first Federal glass pieces. They are 4 cute little shot glasses with two gold tone bands around the top of each one. Finally, I came across a blue flower patterned enamel fondue pot set. The colors are brilliant and the pot is in super clean shape! These items will be up in my etsy store today.

I had a great weekend of thrifting and got a lot of good stuff! When I came home, my husband asked where I am going to put all of this stuff so I need to figure out a storage plan that doesn't make our home office look like storage-tote city. My goal is to stock up before the crappy midwest winter hits.
If you are a reseller, how do you store your stock?

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Arses to Elbows

It has been a busy week for thrifting, but by far, yesterday was my best haul yet. I didn't even spend a 20 spot and got some great vintage-y fabulousness and a current item I'd been seeking. I found most of this at an estate sale.
Now, I have heard of some of my blogger/thrifter/reseller homies from larger cities talking about how people camp out before the sale starts and then when it does there is pushing, shoving, etc. But in my town, I had yet to experience this, until yesterday. It was arses to elbows in this house. The line to get in was nuts and I was afraid I was going to have to make a choice between either helping an old lady up off the floor if she fell or politely asking her to move because she was taking too much time looking at the Pyrex in the cramped kitchen. Arrgh! I guess a competitiveness that I didn't know I had started to come out and I was jostling for position and shimmying my way through the crowd to get the best stuff. 
Here's the spread:
Yep, alot of stuff crammed into this photo. The little red book is a Camp Fire Girls manual. Last one I had sold in a matter of hours on Vintage Dreams. Next to it is a Camp Fire Girls purse,  I thought they carried rucksacks? Who knew they had purses and who knew they were so fashionable! It looks like a Coach with a little CFG logo above the closure. I can't find this purse anywhere on the auction sites, so if you have an idea of value, let me know. I believe it is from the late 60s.
Going up to the top left, we have a set of snack bowls that nest together neatly in the blue bowl when not in use.
Then that super cute mid century lamp (not marked) and the awesome Pan Am'ish blue Samsonite bag, a West Bend percolator, cool Storz bottle opener in original box, and a Corning dish.
Hmmm...feel like I am forgetting something.
Let's see, it is cast iron. A cool orangey red color. Super duper heavy (I did pull a muscle yesterday). It's a LE CREUSET grill!! Yep, it finally happened. My cast iron dreams came true, and all for only $1! (fainting) But alas, I am a reseller, so it's going on the 'bay.

What is your find of all finds? Please share, I love hearing your success stories!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pyrex show and tell

Ok, so I am fairly new to this whole thrifting game, but found out very quickly that there is something about Pyrex that vintage collectors go nuts over. And, I must admit, I am now loving the old school pyrex. I mean the colors and the translucence are beautiful! And the designs range from atomic to farmhouse chic.
Show and tell piece numero uno. I recently sold this lovely in my Etsy shop, she was posted for less than a day and a Pyrex lover scooped her up. Isn't she pretty? In the biz, she is referred to as Pink Pyrex Daisy Cinderella Oval Divided Serving Dish with Lid.
The next is this cup and saucer set. It is a Pyrex/Corelle combo with a pattern named Butterfly Gold. My grandparents had the Butterfly Gold pattern, so when I saw this it reminded me of seeing them drink their morning Sanka (ack!) from them back in the day.
My final Pyrex piece for show and tell is this large Pyrex mixing bowl in yellow. I acquired it from the estate of a man who used it to make his candy recipes for his candy shop way back when (I am guessing the 1950s). It's big, yellow, and heavy...pefrect for makin a big batch o'cookies!

Now, it is your turn to show and tell any fabulous Pyrex you may have, or wish to have, or memories of your grandmas Pyrex collection :)

See more vintage Pyrex/Corelle/Corning in my Etsy shop Vintage Dreams, enjoy!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I heart Herman Miller

More mid-mod wonderful-ness. This is a pair of vintage Herman Miller Eames upholstered fiberglass shell chairs. If you don't know what they are, Google or look up on ebay and then you will understand what a find these were. I was at a yardsale in midtown where I found some great Ball mason jars and when I left I was driving up the block and out of the corner of my thrifting eagle eyes I spotted these chairs. BRAKES!

I had been wanting chairs like this for years but they are hundreds of dollars new and hard to find in good vintage condition at a reasonable price. Trying not to bolt towards these chairs googly eyed, I calmly walked into the sale and said, hmmm...these are interesting chairs. Looked around and found a grow light for our indoor garden this winter and then back to the chairs. Flipped them over, yes, Herman Miller. Original foot glides still intact. No rust. Edging is perfect. Upholstery is original, but needs cleaning. Doesn't smell funky. How much for these old chairs? I got the set for $50.
My intent is to reupholster these babies but I hate to ruin the original fabric by doing so. I might just clean up the fabric.
Any ideas on what to use to clean the upholstery up? Have you found fun chairs and reupholstered them? Feel free to post in comments with photos...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ledo Love

I came across this beautiful bracelet and earring set while out thrifting the other day. Isn't it beautiful!! I am usually not one for gold-tone jewelry, but this was beautiful and I had to have it. I acquired it from the estate of a woman who traveled around the country with her husband. Living here in the midwest as well as Las Vegas where their son was a dealer at the tables. They also had a stint in LA LA land, Los Angeles.
I knew nothing of Ledo jewelry prior to this but when I saw this piece it just had a 'special' look to it. I knew it was costume jewelry, but it had an expensive feel to it. I bought the piece and came home and hit up Google immediately. This set was produced between 1949 and 1959. Ledo was sought after because of its quality craftsmanship and surprisingly real look. The set was in a box that said 'Bullock's of Los Angeles'. Bullock's sold high end goods in LA from about 1907 until the 1980s from what I can find, and Ledo was one of the brands it carried.
What a wonderful find. My husband even said he liked it! I have it up on Etsy, but I might just have to wear it a few times and collect the compliments :)
You like? Want to see more!? Check it out in detail in my Etsy store Vintage Dreams.

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