Friday, January 27, 2012

Cocktails and Sequins a la Studio 54

I found the most fabulous vintage cocktail dress this week! It happened at the Gdub (Goodwill) that is clear on the other side of town from me. I usually don't travel out that way just to thrift, but my car was having an oil change out that way and my brother in law works at the dealership, so he let me borrow his ride. (thanks b-i-l!) This is one of those Goodwill's where almost everything is in good shape. It's in an area of town that is considered newer money, so you know what that means...Many wear things only a few times and then get rid of it. Am I stereo-typing? Maybe...but it sure makes for darn good thrifting!

So, here it is...I give you 'The Studio 54 Dress'. Yep, so cool I gave it a title!

Ne-Ne from RHOA would definitely say BAM!

This is a vintage, fully beaded, mini dress from the 1980s. The brand is Stenay. It is so encrusted with beads that you cannot even have it dry cleaned. It is spot clean only. Dang, I wish I could fit into this little number! But, since I can't, I will give someone else the opportunity to own this show stopper of a dress over in my etsy shop. It's listed now if you would like to see more photos and the measurements.


What does your favorite thrifted dress look like?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today I Am Featured On The Ebay Underground Blog!

Today I am being featured on the Ebay Underground blog! Please stop by Jessica Calhoun's popular blog for resellers and learn about how I started thrifting and reselling. I also reveal my favorite item to watch for while thrifting. Can you guess what it is?

Go see the feature here! Ebay Underground

This is the first item I ever resold on ebay, 14.99 + s&h. It was mine when I was a kiddo...

If you are a reseller, what is the first item you ever resold?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Picking Berrys At The Goodwill

Any one who has said they can't find good stuff at Goodwill just isn't looking. I am not one to flip through each hanger on the rack either, and I still find excellent items. After awhile you start to develop eagle eye thrifting skills and can spot tag on clothing a mile away. Finding designer brands will also become a specialty. Heck, even in my dreams I am finding high-fashion Lacroix!

The same day of my Pyrex haul, I also had another winning pick. Can you already guess the brand by seeing this photo?

I was skimming the coat racks and spotted a pattern that I have seen in the pages of Vogue. I stopped and dug for the tag and yep, it was Burberrys of London! I pulled out the coat and found it to be a full-length classic trench coat in good condition. It was missing two buttons, but better brands usually have extras sewn into the lining and they were. The hubby was with me on this thrifting trip and asked, "Is this the brand that I see on commercials where the models always look pissed off?" Ha!! I love him, and I told him he was correct. I was glad he was along. I had to leave the cart a few times and told him that he was to guard it with his life. I mean, there were *both* Pyrex fridgies and Burberry in the cart!

The price I paid for this coat is beyond amazing. The missing buttons have been replaced and the designer trench coat is now listed in my ebay store. After some research it looks like they went from the 'Burberrys' of London just to plain old Burberry about 10 years ago. This trench is an old school classic piece!

What is your biggest designer find at the thrifts?

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pyrex Fridgie Haul

So, I have this thing for Pyrex, especially Pyrex refrigerator dishes a.k.a. fridgies. Fridgies come in a 1.5 cup size, a 1.5 pint size, and a larger casserole type size and have a textured glass lid. I myself, just love the little 1.5 cup size.

In my experience, fridgies are hard to come by. I read about them all of the time on the Pyrex Collective and all of these wonderful little fridgie thrift hauls that people miraculously come across. And, they find them with lids...impossible!

Must have been my turn the other day, cause here's what I found...

These little Pyrex's were all under a bunch of random housewares that were corralled into a Goodwill cart o' death (those metal carts they wheel stuff out of the back with). I spotted the butterfly gold and pounced on said cart. As quickly and carefully as I could I gathered up each one and gently placed them into my cart cushioned by a few pieces of clothing. I ended up with:

1 medium Butterfly Gold w/lid
2 small Butterfly Gold w/lids
1 medium Butterprint w/lid
1 small Butterprint w/lid (not pictured, already sold)

What a nice little fridgie haul! And they *all* had lids. The dishes themselves are in excellent condition with few if any utensil scrapes. The lids are all in functioning condition with only some bumpy nicks.

If you love fridgies and are looking to add to or start your collection, I have the above refrigerator dishes listed at a Buy It Now price with free shipping at my ebay store.

My Pyrex fridgie dish dreams haven't quite come try yet. I am still on the hunt to complete my primary color set...This is what I have so far....

Yep, only 1 primary red dish! It holds the sugar for my morning coffee. I know I could just go buy a full set on the 'bay, but for me, the hunt is one of my favorite parts!

Where have you sourced your Pyrex refrigerator dishes from?

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Know You Are A Thrifter When...Lacroix Edition

You know you are a thrifter when, you dream about fabulous thrifted finds...

Friends, I have been under the weather the past few days, so maybe it was just all of the cold medicine I was taking that coaxed this amazing dream from my noggin, but it was so vivid. Vivid enough that when I woke up I had to think to myself, "did that just really happen!"

Here's how it went down, in my dream that is...I was at my new fave G-dub (Goodwill for all my newer readers) and was flipping through the racks of dresses. The color of the week was green, so that meant the green tagged items were 99 cents. I came across this gorgeous ivory gown that was encrusted in gold beading and sequins and just overall buttery, it was 99 cents. Then I looked at the tag...Christian Lacroix!! I quickly clung the item towards me, as to not have it picked off by another Goodwill patron. Gasp, could it be true?!! I looked at the tag again, and it was. This dress wasn't my size, but to even be holding it made me feel special. "It's going in one of my shops", I thought to myself.

I then overheard two ladies the next aisle over discussing how they heard a large estate of designer clothing had just arrived at the store. She stated that she had seen a Christian Lacroix dress in the aisle they were in, but couldn't remember where. I was on the hunt! Salivating at the mouth, I quickly turned the corner to their aisle and started flipping through clothing. In my dream I had one lady on either side of me flipping through the rack, and I was in the middle. It was a race to the Lacroix!

Flipping...flipping...seeing beads and sequins...focus on labels...elbows out so they can't get closer...yes, there it was! Just as I grabbed the hanger, the other patron grabbed the side of the dress. I shot her a look of a mama bear protecting her cubs and she released the gilded satin frock with another green 99 cent tag attached.

It was over, I was victorious, I was in the presence of greatness, and about to own it...Lacroix.

I would photograph these two gowns for my stores as if they were being worn by Claudia, Cindy, or Naomi, all of the uber-model greats of yesteryear. I would enjoy having them for a short time and then pass them along to another person who would appreciate them just as much as I did.

What an awesome dream! Maybe this is an omen or something that I must be on the lookout for?

Have you had a 'thrifting dream'? Leave the deets in the comments, I'd love to hear about them!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vintage Tweed-y Goodness

I found this beautiful, classic, vintage tweed skirt suit at Goodwill this past week. It is sumptuous! The tweed is thick and has red, blue, yellow, and black stitching running through the brown tweed. I believe it to be from the 1970s. The brand is Peabody House and the lining is a rose pink color.

Typically, when I find a suit (new-used or vintage) with a lining, it is ripped somewhere, usually in the arm pits. But not this beauty, the lining is pristine with the extra button still attached.

Oh how I'd love to keep this gem of an outfit for myself, but it is a vintage size 11/12 which equals super skinny mini by today's sizing. I could envision this ensemble with a box purse and chocolate brown patent heels with a stacked heel. Any colored shirt could go beneath the jacket. The jacket has a *slight* and elegant pouf to the shoulder. The skirt has a double, well-placed pleat, on either side of the front and a single slit up the mid-line of the back of the skirt.

This suit is a staple piece with classic styling and could be worn today or 20 years from now. Yes, I know I am gushing and I couldn't wait to photograph this outfit for the blog today! Want to see more pics? Check them out here in my etsy store.

Do you have a favorite tweed piece in your wardrobe?? Do tell!

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