Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laziness Pays Off

This week I decided to visit a few Goodwill stores that I hadn't been to for awhile. I hadn't gone to these two particular stores for about the last 2 months. They just were not producing good items, and to make the best use of my time, I was visiting my tried and true stores. The two stores that I had not shopped recently also happen to be the closest of all of the G-dubs to my home. I wanted to go thrifting yesterday but was feeling lazy and didn't want to go far from the house, so off I went to the non-producing stores.

I was so glad I went! I saw a difference in both stores. At one, the merchandising was different, and the other, the organization of the clothing was better. I get the feeling that they had rotated the store managers. I know that they do this from time to time. Change can be good!

On this day I was mostly shopping for myself and not my online stores. I scored 3 new (well, new to me!) pairs of jeans:

Old Navy, 99 cents:

White House Black Market, 7.99:

Seven Jeans, 3.59!!:

I also scored a few new tops:

Ann Taylor Loft, 3.59:

Focus 2000, 3.59:

I would say that my fave finds of the day were the Seven Jeans and the Focus 2000 top. I love the colors in the top and the mod-ness of it. You can belt it and wear it with skinny jeans and heels for a night out or leave it flowy and wear it with ballet flats for casual. Versatile!

Of course, I found a few things for the shop too. Some great Florsheim men's dress shoes and a trendy tangerine colored Chico's lightweight jacket.

Both will be in the ebay store shortly.

What did you find at the thrifts this past week? Share in the comments section below stating what, where, and (optional) how much. You can also show off your find by posting a photo over at The Thrifty Picker Facebook page! Come over and see what others have found here.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well Hello Mrs. Draper!

A blog post for m'ladies! Guys, come back in a few days for the next post (unless you are looking for some vintage lingerie for your woman, then go directly here to my etsy shop!).

I found an absolutely darling vintage nightgown at an estate sale. It is oh so Betty Draper answering the door to the milkman...woo-woo!

Let's be real here girlfriends, the lingerie at Vickies Secret is sexy and fabulous but the majority of us need a little fluff and pouf to hide those minor imperfections! Our hubbies don't care about those little lumps and bumps, but lets face it, in order for us to not feel ridiculous, we need a little structure or mystery to our bedroom garments.

This beautiful blue nightie comes with a robe to layer on top of the gown. It is long enough to remain lady-like while prancing around the house or sipping a cup of tea. It is modest enough that you won't feel silly wearing it 'just because'.

And, it's just sheer enough without the robe that your man will like it in the boudoir!

The husband came with me to this estate sale. When I was paying for this piece, the older woman who was collecting the money looked at my hubby and whispered "have fun" while a long line of people looked on behind us!

I will not be keeping this pretty find, it is in the etsy shop and would be perfect for a bride or as a gift for yourself. 

Have any of you found vintage lingerie while at the estates? Share below!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Old Hollywood

There's something about vintage film items, both photography and cinema. It brings me back to a more simple time. I remember the cool flash cube Kodak cameras and watching educational movies in school on a film projector. I loved it when the reel ran out and the film flapped wildly against the projector!

A recent estate sale I attended was that of an avid photographer and cinematographer. I found a little collection to bring home for the etsy shop.

A must have for any film lover, a film reel in its original box.

 The 'can' to store your reel.


And, the cutest little slide viewer EVER! An Argus previewer that *still* lights up in its original box. Someone could totally place one of their fave slides in this when company is coming and place it on an end table for show. What a conversation piece it would be. Or maybe some sort of small instillation with several in a grouping on a wall. Wouldn't that look cool all lit up with your fave slides in them?!

Let's talk DIY decor y'all. What would you do with these film items if you had them...discuss!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thrift 'N' Share

Hello fellow thrifters! The weekend is upon us and you know what that means...yard and estate sales, woot!

Don't you hate it when this happens:

I love having this blog to share all of my favorite finds with you. But I want to see your finds too, and I am sure the followers of this blog would also enjoy admiring/coveting/applauding your thrifty acquisitions. Although you cannot post pictures in the comments section below, you can come over to the Facebook page and post pics of your finds till your heart is content! Snap a quick photo (it doesn't need to be fancy photography) and post it to the Facebook wall stating what it is, where you found it, and the price if you don't mind. With the dreaded new FB timeline, it will show your comment but collapse the photo. But never fear, as I check the page regularly, and will repost it to the timeline with the big photo in full grand view for all to see!

Let us all share in our collective thrifting successes: Thrift 'N' Share!

A few of the followers have already posted some of their best pieces. Come check them out here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Weekend: Home Depot and Thrifting

It has been busy here at TTP household! The weather has been so unseasonably warm that the hubby and I decided to take advantage of this and paint the house. Really, he has been doing most of the work, I have played a supporting role :) I did get myself almost to the top rung of the extension ladder for some priming, but my fear of heights kept me from going further. I am best at going to Home Depot to pick up supplies!

Much of the painting took place over last weekend, which of course also overlapped with the yard sales. There were a few listings on Craigslist that I didn't want to miss, but I also wanted to be there for my hard working man to help with running to get supplies. What is a wife/thrifter/yard saler/estate saler to do!!??

I ended up combining my trips, he-he..."Oh honey, you say you need more paint rollers? Do you need them right away? In a little bit? Um, okay. Uh, there is a really good yard sale not far from Home Depot (20 minutes away) so maybe I will stop there and then go to HD on the way back, since its on the way and all (not really). Is that OK? Can I bring you a beer or any food? No? OK, (kisses) I will be back soon (hour and a half). I will be on my cell if you need anything".

Notice how I slyly combined a man's dream words: Home Depot, beer, and food? It worked. My good wife-ness was still intact, and I was off to the sales, woot!

I found some new and vintage-y goodness at the sale of a young couple who was moving to San Francisco. She too, was an avid estate saler, vintage lover, and overall good-taste gal. I scooped up a new Crate and Barrel tablecloth for $2.50:

A Harrods teddy bear (that my dobie ended up eating) hence no photo.

 Some vintage Ferragamo's, size 10, available here:

And a few amazing frocks for the etsy shop:

Back in the day, the clothes were made with so much more care and attention to detail. The texture combinations on this dress are to die for. 

A vintage coat, fully lined:

A vintage mens Levi's Panatela 3-piece suit:

The green coat is just so beautiful, and I thought about keeping it, but I know I wouldn't wear it enough to do it proper justice. It should be shown off to the masses! The Levi's suit is fun too. Total hipster chic.

What is your favorite outfit (vintage or current) that you have acquired via thrifting? Share here or snap a quick photo and post it on the Facebook page so we can all drool over your find!
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