Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pyrex show and tell

Ok, so I am fairly new to this whole thrifting game, but found out very quickly that there is something about Pyrex that vintage collectors go nuts over. And, I must admit, I am now loving the old school pyrex. I mean the colors and the translucence are beautiful! And the designs range from atomic to farmhouse chic.
Show and tell piece numero uno. I recently sold this lovely in my Etsy shop, she was posted for less than a day and a Pyrex lover scooped her up. Isn't she pretty? In the biz, she is referred to as Pink Pyrex Daisy Cinderella Oval Divided Serving Dish with Lid.
The next is this cup and saucer set. It is a Pyrex/Corelle combo with a pattern named Butterfly Gold. My grandparents had the Butterfly Gold pattern, so when I saw this it reminded me of seeing them drink their morning Sanka (ack!) from them back in the day.
My final Pyrex piece for show and tell is this large Pyrex mixing bowl in yellow. I acquired it from the estate of a man who used it to make his candy recipes for his candy shop way back when (I am guessing the 1950s). It's big, yellow, and heavy...pefrect for makin a big batch o'cookies!

Now, it is your turn to show and tell any fabulous Pyrex you may have, or wish to have, or memories of your grandmas Pyrex collection :)

See more vintage Pyrex/Corelle/Corning in my Etsy shop Vintage Dreams, enjoy!


  1. Looks great Rachael! I have yet to begin my Pyrex collection, but I am hoping this will be the week I find some great stuff! I am definitely keeping an eye open for a mixing bowl, a large casserole dish, and now that I have seen it here, one of those adorable cup and saucer sets! That's what I have a dire need for in my kitchen, so they will be useful finds!
    Keep it up! :)

  2. Be careful! Collecting retro Pyrex can be VERY addictive ;-) Have you seen the Pyrex Collective, lots more of us out there!

  3. @Thrifted Treasure...Thanks for the tip on the Pyrex Collective. I had seen it in passing on other blogs, but finally checked it out on your recommendation. It..is..amazing!! Another blog for me to follow :)