Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Special Treatment

Here are a few finds that deserve their own post and pics, they are some of my faves...
This is a vintage Amy Adams dress that still has its original tags. I am guessing the 1960s or early 70s for a date on this lovely sack dress. I picture someone who is having a vintage wedding wearing this little number.

Check out theses cute little desktop lamps. Of course, they aren't labeled, annoying. The cream colored guy I am keeping to use for when I sew for better lighting. Both found at yard sales. The brown one will be on my etsy shop very shortly. These lamps are fully articulated and in good vintage condition, including the cords. I am always concerned with the condition of the cords if I am going to sell them, don't want any angry "the lamp that you sold me burned my place to the ground" etsy feedback, not good for business!

Here is a closer look at that cool Samsonite carry on Pan-Am style bag I picked up at last weekends estate sales. is just fabulous and the fact that is blue and in such great condition makes me love it even more!

I haven't even mentioned some way legit (like the kids are saying these days) Aladdin Thermos items. One is a complete picnic kit that was never used and still in its original box. Such vintage-y coolness! And this, again, way legit, Aladdin Thermos personal air pot! I have never seen an Aladdin Thermos that was an air pot *and* personal sized! So basically, stick it in your briefcase, fill up once in the morning when you get to work, and never have to get up for another refill or warm-up all day, NUTS! If it doesn't sell for some crazy reason, I will keep it and use it in my home office, even though the kitchen coffee pot is only about 20 feet away.

Visit my etsy shop~Vintage Dreams  for more deets on the above items and to check out more fun vintage and Holiday gifts.


  1. What a beautiful dress - the detailing around the neckline is lovely.

  2. Love the thermos set. I collect vintage Aladdin and have a couple of the picnic sets, and haven't seen that one either! My thermos collection looks so cute on top of my kitchen cabinets if you need a good way to display your set.

  3. Rachael, looks like you found some great items! I love the lamps! I am always on the lookout for really neat lamps! I came across one this weekend that I would've kept for myself, but it was a little too expensive for me! Maybe it will go to their shop and sit there and go on sale!