Friday, October 7, 2011

Arses to Elbows

It has been a busy week for thrifting, but by far, yesterday was my best haul yet. I didn't even spend a 20 spot and got some great vintage-y fabulousness and a current item I'd been seeking. I found most of this at an estate sale.
Now, I have heard of some of my blogger/thrifter/reseller homies from larger cities talking about how people camp out before the sale starts and then when it does there is pushing, shoving, etc. But in my town, I had yet to experience this, until yesterday. It was arses to elbows in this house. The line to get in was nuts and I was afraid I was going to have to make a choice between either helping an old lady up off the floor if she fell or politely asking her to move because she was taking too much time looking at the Pyrex in the cramped kitchen. Arrgh! I guess a competitiveness that I didn't know I had started to come out and I was jostling for position and shimmying my way through the crowd to get the best stuff. 
Here's the spread:
Yep, alot of stuff crammed into this photo. The little red book is a Camp Fire Girls manual. Last one I had sold in a matter of hours on Vintage Dreams. Next to it is a Camp Fire Girls purse,  I thought they carried rucksacks? Who knew they had purses and who knew they were so fashionable! It looks like a Coach with a little CFG logo above the closure. I can't find this purse anywhere on the auction sites, so if you have an idea of value, let me know. I believe it is from the late 60s.
Going up to the top left, we have a set of snack bowls that nest together neatly in the blue bowl when not in use.
Then that super cute mid century lamp (not marked) and the awesome Pan Am'ish blue Samsonite bag, a West Bend percolator, cool Storz bottle opener in original box, and a Corning dish.
Hmmm...feel like I am forgetting something.
Let's see, it is cast iron. A cool orangey red color. Super duper heavy (I did pull a muscle yesterday). It's a LE CREUSET grill!! Yep, it finally happened. My cast iron dreams came true, and all for only $1! (fainting) But alas, I am a reseller, so it's going on the 'bay.

What is your find of all finds? Please share, I love hearing your success stories!


  1. Nice haul! I have that same little lamp.

  2. @rhan, do you know the maker? is the wood teak? thx for any info! love your blog :)

  3. My boyfriend has advised my to be on the lookout for cast iron, but where I would resell it, he would add it to his manly cast iron collection!

  4. I L-O-V-E your blue bag! I bought one this weekend, but its a lot different in the sense that mine is meant to hold tennis rackets! haha I plan on using it as a book bag.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. I have those snack bowls - minus the the blue one - with the yellow one having the lid. So far my cast iron dreams have brought me a Le Cruset sauce pan and a Descoware dutch oven, both in beautiful blue, with both functioning well in my kitchen. The grill pan will make someone happy!

  6. Oooh I just caught a glimpse of the LC grill in the corner of the photo! Nice score!