Monday, October 17, 2011

Estate Hoppin'

The estates were good to me this weekend. Need I say more...

Of course I have more to say, heck, I am a blogger! So, the above label was found on this lovely Herman Miller wheeled side table, a bit industrial looking, so I'm guessing contract HM. Um...yeah...5 bucks...bam!
Here's how it went down. There were 2 estate sales in the older part of town where I lived during college. This area consisted of old mansions, amazing bungalows, and brick apartments. But, you go a few blocks in the wrong direction and you are practically in the ghetto. I knew by the addresses of these two homes that they were in the bungalow/mansion part. When I got to the bungalow I realized that it wasn't a professionally run sale, yet surprisingly organized. The resident of the home was elderly and had moved to Texas and her neighbors were running the show and the prices were super low, prime example being the HM table. I was looking high and low, and was actually down on the floor when I saw the classic HM look on this beautiful four legged creature followed the legs upward and, OMG, it was a little rolling side table (tucked under an ugly garage sale folding buffet table). I was already underneath it and looking up, so the HM logo was right there in my face, shining in all of its glory.

This little bistro set came home with me too, an addition that I had been searching for to add to our front patio, $10. Usually I am not down with the scrolly, vine look, but the hairpin-like legs added a nice masculine-feminine balance to the set.

Check out these super vintage purses. I think the woman who owned these previous must have been a stylin' chicky...these will be on my etsy shop, Vintage Dreams. The first one is a fun mossy gray and green color. I especially love the one with the initial on the front. I know you can't tell by the pic, but the last one is gigantic!

A Pyrex update: I am now the proud owner of my first Pyrex fridgie! This one will permanently reside in my kitchen and is holding sugar for my morning coffee. Cannot wait to find more colors...

What a cool condiment dish (I think)...yep, to etsy it will go!
Thanks for stopping by today, and happy Monday!

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  1. Isn't it great to find those labels? My SIL was out picking not long ago and found a coffee table that looked very Finn Juhl-ish. He turned it over, and lo and behold, there was the France and Son logo. What a rush! :)

    Congrats on your finds!

  2. Wow, what amazing finds. I love the little pyrex fridgie. I haven't found a single one yet. Good for you. :D

  3. Congrats on your first fridgie!

    My heart was pounding away when I found mine.. it was aqua & without a lid.

  4. I just love that server set. Back in the 60s when I was working for an ad agency I had one just like it sitting next to my bottle of scotch. My Dang secretary stole it when the company went under but, we branched out and formed our own company. JK love ya hun and love the blogaholics.

  5. The California Pottery piece is amazing. I have never seen one with lids for the bowl portions. So cute.

  6. You will find more fridgies!!!!

  7. Great finds. I love that the label was the first thing you saw!

  8. Love the table and that pottery server! I am jealous!