Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weddings + Babies = Thrift Store Shopping

This summer is teeming with weddings and babies. That means receptions and showers galore and the yummy cake that goes along with them. I heart cake!

I was in need of a summery dress for these events and already knew where I would head to find it...the Goodwill.

Here's how it went down:

I alerted the social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) that I was leaving to go to the Goodwill on a mission for a dress.
Drove to Goodwill.
Parked at door.
Went to dress section.
Selected 2 dresses.
Tried on dresses.
Looked for Pyrex.
Found dishwasher damaged butterfly gold Cinderella bowls.
Cried about the abuse of Pyrex I had just seen.
Got myself together.
Went and paid for the dress.
Came back home and alerted the social media peeps that I had completed my G-dub mission successfully!

Within 1 hour round trip my mission was complete and all for $5.49! Whoever says that they don't have time to thrift shop has never done it! I would have spent the same amount of time, if not more with all of the distractions, at the mall. And, I would have paid about $100 retail for this pretty Jessica Howard dress.

The dress is a cotton/spandex combo and is fully lined. The cut and slight pleating at the waist means no Spanx! Ladies, I know you understand that one! Spanx in the summer = ack! And of course, I belt everything to break up the outfit and this dress was no different. That patent belt was acquired brand new on another GW trip for $3.99.

For all of my local girlfriends who read this blog, no need to ask what I am wearing to the weddings/showers this summer, 'cause this is it!

What is your fave dress that you have found while thrifting? Share the deets below, or better yet, come show off a picture, where you found the dress, and (optional) how much you paid over on the Facebook page.


  1. So pretty! I LOVE thrifting!

  2. Gorgeous color. Awesome for summer. I found a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress once but it was in such poor condition I had a moment of silence for it. Lol.

  3. That is a beautiful dress--I'm really jealous! :)