Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thrift Store Lesson, Does Your Man Need A Belt?

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen this from the other day: FYI: You can't return belts to the , even on the same day. Meh...hubby is coming along next time!

The hubby needed a new belt. Bless him, he is not picky, and will wear things to the bitter end (translation: until I throw them away). He typically leaves early in the morning to go to the gym and leaves in gym clothes with his work attire packed up. I didn't notice until the day when he dressed for work at home, how horrible his belt looked. He of course didn't care and said no one would notice. I replied that every woman in his department would notice and wonder how his wife could let him out of the house with such a tattered belt!

Prior to me being thrifty, I would have promptly gone to the mall and purchased a nice leather double sided belt at the tune of $45 some dollars. But now, being the thriftster that I am, I was on a mission to find a good leather belt at the thrifts! Off to the Goodwill I went and found 3 belts, and one for myself of course, that were new or nearly new. I was so stoked!

The Mr. came home and guess what, the belts didn't fit. Darn it! We went back together so that I could return them and have him there for sizing, but nope, no returns on belts. How could I not have known this being a regular thrift store shopper?

Thrift Store Lesson Learned: Always know the stores return policy! 

I was fretting over my defeat and the hubby told me "Just sell them in your store!" He always knows the right thing to say :)

Here they are and you can find the deets over in the ebay store. Two are new and one looks to be barely worn or maybe just used on a display. I ship for FREE in the U.S.!

 Medium brown belt in size Medium HERE for $14.95 with free US shipping.
 Dark brown belt in size Medium HERE for $14.95 with free US shipping.

Black belt in size Medium HERE for $18.95 with free US shipping.

Share a time where you learned a thrift store lesson with the return policy...


  1. Why on earth wouldn't belts be returnable? That's so weird. I can understand swimsuits or underwear or something like that...but a belt? SMH

  2. Question. Men's belts are usually sold by size (i.e., 34, 36, 38, etc.). I've never seen a man's belt sold by Small, Medium, and Large.

    1. Hi there Scott and thank you for the inquiry! I agree and found that to be odd too but they all have M (which I assume means Medium) stamped next the the size on the inside of the belt. Two of them state 34-36 and one states 34 only. If you are interested in these belts here is a direct link to the belts in my shop.

  3. Omg, the same thing happened to me. I bought a belt from Goodwill, and I decided to exchange it a few days later. I was well within their 14 day policy, so I was certain I would be able to exchange. Nope. I was thinking, "huh??" As another commenter stated, swimsuites and underwear...and even shoes are understandable. (well, not really shoes...cause they are all pretty much used when purchased at GW) But anyway, BELTS? Whyyyyy are they non exchangeable? Makes no sense. And further, I believe they need to post the specifics of their policy clearly. All I've ever known is the 14 day policy.