Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Readers Choice: Placement of Thrifted Artwork

My dearest readers, I need your help! Remember that cool piece of artwork that I scored for $4? Well, it needs to get up on the wall and the hubby and I can't decide where it should go. I know the fan base of the blog here is made up of thirfters, DIY'ers, and overall creative folk, so I figured I would let you pick where this artwork should go!

Here is the art:

The dimensions of the piece are 31"x31" and here are the space options:

The first photo is of the far wall in our living room. Should we place the art to the right or left of the window? Another placement option would be the large blank wall as you go up the stairs. Should it go closer to the light switch or closer to the door on the left?

Share your two cents below or over at the Facebook page!


  1. I love the art! I would put it up the stairs and kind of behind the railing:)

  2. If I'm right in estimating that wall at the top of the stairs to be about 7' wide or so, I think I'd center it there, with the bottom of the picture even with the bottom of the light switch. At that height, it looks as if it would be visible from the vantage point of the photo without being too obscured by the railing.

    1. I'm with you on this Dana. It would look awkward on either side of the window and needs to be high enough to be seen and not hidden behind the rail...

  3. Yep, agreed, put it at the top of the stairs!