Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surfing The Bay

When was the last time you surfed the Bay? It's a great way to kill time and sometimes you can find some really great deals too. What did you say? You can't shop in your bay while surfing? Well, come on over to mine where you don't need to get into a swimsuit OR shave your legs! I'm talkin' about eBay!

Do you shop on eBay? I would say I purchase something about once per quarter, but I search regularly. A reader recently posed a question, "What do you search for on eBay"? Well reader-friend, I search in 2 ways, the first being stuff I would buy on eBay and the second being stuff I probably won't buy on eBay but love to hunt for.

Stuff I would buy:

Source: goo.gl via Vintage on Pinterest

vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes

Source: macys.com via Vintage on Pinterest

Juicy couture charm necklace starter

Source: zappos.com via Vintage on Pinterest

 Donald J Pliner shoes

Stuff I probably won't buy, but love the hunt:

Source: dwr.com via Vintage on Pinterest

vintage Herman Miller and Knoll furniture

Source: flickr.com via Vintage on Pinterest

mid-century home decor

What do you search for on eBay? Have you ever found a great steal? Share below!

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  1. I shop on eBay quite a bit, and I find good bargains pretty often, especially on Russel Wright items. I've also gotten great prices on several Tapio Wirkkala pieces and some Oiva Toikka birds. I just got a pair of Rosenthal Netter candle holders for less than $15, and found the same ones a couple of other places for $75-80. I also just got a good deal on an Eames House Bird by Vitra.

  2. OK you are much more of a fashionista than I if you can pull off shoes like that! Wow!