Thursday, September 20, 2012

Don't Do It!!

I am so loving the thrifts right now! I have completed my maternity wardrobe with only a few trips and not that much time, or money of course, spent. I am telling you ladies, if you are preggo or planning to be, DO NOT SHOP RETAIL, you will be in and out of these clothes so fast that it is a waste of money. I have survived on a thrifted $5 Bella Band up till now which is the 5 month mark, but am pretty sure I will want true maternity pants here within the next 30 days.

Here's what I found the other day that rounds out (no pun intended) my preggo lady wardrobe:

One of my fave finds was this pretty deep turquoise tunic from Old Navy, tags still on, for $5.49.

Two Wally World brand long length t-shirts for $3.59 each.

A pretty Missoni-style Motherhood maternity top that was on weekly special for 99 cents!

A Gap Maternity cardigan for $3.59.

And a pair of Old Navy maternity jeans for $3.59.

Add in the gray tunic, black dress, and Pea In The Pod shirt I blogged about and another tunic, t-shirt, and 2 pairs of maternity jeans that were given to me, and I have completed my wardrobe. All second hand!

I am at about $35 spent on the whole sha-bang (to be fair, I added in $10 just in case I forgot anything).

If you are not liking the shirts you are seeing in the maternity section, no worries, just go on over to the size Large shirt section and shop there. Don't forget to shop your own closet too. With some of today's styles being more blousey and tunic like, it is easy to convert them over to your pregnancy wardrobe.

A disclaimer in all of this, I wear medical scrubs for my part time gig, so I don't need a true work wardrobe. But I am telling y'all, I see plenty of maternity dress pants and shirts when shopping the g-dub!

Any mothers to be or now mommy's that want to share their thrifted maternity wardrobe success stories? Do it right here in the comments or c'mon over to the Facebook page and show off a picture of your supreme preggo lady thriftiness!


  1. I wish I was this smart when I was pregnant and also buying baby items. We spent so much on baby gear 6 years ago, used it for two children, and I have slowly been selling it off recently. Just got $40 for a car seat this morning, and $20 yesterday for a high chair. Now I know that if we were to have more kids, I can buy used for all that baby gear, and clothes! What were we thinking when we spent so much! Best wishes on the best of your pregnancy. Love your style! Heather

  2. Decades ago, I bought all new when I was pregnant with my daughter...for me and for her. As a grandmother, I buy tons off Craigslist and at kid consignment stores. For the short amount of time it's used, it makes so much more sense.

  3. Only thing to buy new is the car seat. Too many recalls and things going around. Good stuff!

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