Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laziness Pays Off

This week I decided to visit a few Goodwill stores that I hadn't been to for awhile. I hadn't gone to these two particular stores for about the last 2 months. They just were not producing good items, and to make the best use of my time, I was visiting my tried and true stores. The two stores that I had not shopped recently also happen to be the closest of all of the G-dubs to my home. I wanted to go thrifting yesterday but was feeling lazy and didn't want to go far from the house, so off I went to the non-producing stores.

I was so glad I went! I saw a difference in both stores. At one, the merchandising was different, and the other, the organization of the clothing was better. I get the feeling that they had rotated the store managers. I know that they do this from time to time. Change can be good!

On this day I was mostly shopping for myself and not my online stores. I scored 3 new (well, new to me!) pairs of jeans:

Old Navy, 99 cents:

White House Black Market, 7.99:

Seven Jeans, 3.59!!:

I also scored a few new tops:

Ann Taylor Loft, 3.59:

Focus 2000, 3.59:

I would say that my fave finds of the day were the Seven Jeans and the Focus 2000 top. I love the colors in the top and the mod-ness of it. You can belt it and wear it with skinny jeans and heels for a night out or leave it flowy and wear it with ballet flats for casual. Versatile!

Of course, I found a few things for the shop too. Some great Florsheim men's dress shoes and a trendy tangerine colored Chico's lightweight jacket.

Both will be in the ebay store shortly.

What did you find at the thrifts this past week? Share in the comments section below stating what, where, and (optional) how much. You can also show off your find by posting a photo over at The Thrifty Picker Facebook page! Come over and see what others have found here.