Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seasons Are A Changin'

We saw our first snow this past week! The snow was that 'pretty' kind of snow that had big, fluffy flakes, and only stuck to the grass. The sales listings on Craigslist are starting to dwindle here with the cold weather setting in. Funny thing is, it seems the fewer sales, the better the vintage stuff I find, and the better the prices are. I will put on my 13-year-old LL Bean campus parka and knock-off Uggs and head out into the cold for that!

First stop was an estate sale of an old couple who is done living in the country and are ready to move into the big city. They had a gigantic shed with a few fun pieces of vintage goodness. I didn't make it the first day, and judging by the stuff stuff that was in the sold and to be picked up pile, I probably missed out on some choice items. Bummer, but there is always another sale...
Second stop was in an uppity neighborhood and the prices reflected this. For goodness sakes people! If I wanted Goodwill prices, I would go there! G-sale prices y'all, g-sale, gosh!
Final stop wasn't listed on Craigslist but you couldn't miss the signs luring you off the main road.

Ok, so here's what I picked up...

My first piece of vintage Denby, isn't it beautiful? The pattern is called Midnight. Kinda want to keep them (I found a pair) for myself, but do I really need another coffee/tea cup? No. Ok, it will be in my Etsy shop...

What is this you ask? A vintage bun warmer! Just in time for the Holidays. Like it? It would make a great retro hostess gift or would be great to use at Thanksgiving/Christmas time. Find it at Vintage Dreams.

A vintage Singer buttonholer...what a weird word. This thing is still in the box and barely used, in the shop.

Vintage silk Christmas ornaments, bell shaped.

Lilly of California sweater, vintage, never worn. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship on this sweater.

And the steal of the day? This vintage Dymo label maker. It is heavy duty metal and comes with a boat load of label strips in all different colors.

Next post will include a cool Mad Men-ish type item that could easily fit in on the set!

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  1. Wow, well worth bundling up and braving the cold. There was a cold snap in Vancouver last winter and I found the exact same thing - no crowds, and lots of goodies to pick through. I've never seen vintage Denby before, beautiful colour.

  2. The Denby is beautiful, and your other finds were great too. Unfortunately, it rarely gets cold enough in North Central Texas to deter many people. We're often wearing shorts and flipflops on Christmas day.

  3. That is one gorgeous tea cup! Never heard of Denby before, so I'll have to look into them.

    Craigslist is thinning out here too. I used to come across something almost every day, but since the weather turned, its been pretty dry.

  4. That sweater is beautiful! It's beginning to get cold here in NC as well but only the Mountains have had snow so far.

    Great finds!

  5. I love your finds. I received a bun warmer like that as a wedding gift in 1975. May I use your picture in a blog? I'll be sure to acknowledge where I found the picture.

  6. I love your great finds. I have not been out to an estate sale in ages. Thank you for sharing. I am stopping by from the Creative Bloggers Party Hop. Now following with GFC. I look forward to reading more. I hope you stop by for a visit.

  7. I think my mom had that exact bun warmer when I was a kid! And how it is, that I have never seen bell shaped silk Christmas ornaments before?

    Oh, and what Dana@Mid2Mod said? Here in Southeast Texas too.

  8. I just bought the same Singer buttonholer! The box jumped out at me - the colours are great.