Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bye Bye Hunk O Junk!

If you have been reading my blog lately, you have probably heard me lament about how much I dislike my current point and shoot, hunk o junk camera. With the blog, my etsy business, and my ebay business, it was time to graduate to a big girl business camera! Plus, I can take much better pictures of my dog...Here is his blog debut picture....isn't my little boo boo sweet. Love him!

For the camera, I ended up with a sweet Sony DSLR. It has so many cool functions that the sales dude showed me at the camera shop, that I can't even remember how to do them. Thankfully, they will have a 2 hour class I can take to teach me all about my new DSLR. Problem is, the class is not till January. Guess I will have to read the manual, ACK!

Ok, enough dog and camera gushing, let's get on with it...

I went to zero, yes, 0, sales this week. I can't even believe I just typed that! Part of the reason was that we were out of town on Saturday.

This is what I was doing on Saturday night...ladies, pay attention! I attended a friend's bodybuilding competition in Davenport, Iowa. Our friend Shawn, a USMC veteran, dietetics major, and all around good guy, was competing in his first ever competition. Here he is!

It was such a quick trip, otherwise I would have totally strolled through some of the thrift shops. Make a note pickers, downtown Davenport, Iowa is a thrifting haven! I saw soooo many cute little second hand shops. I vow to make more time for thrift shopping on our next trip.

Back in the hometown, Craigslist was pretty much a bust as far as sales went. But, I did go to Goodwill for myself and ended up with a pair of Charlotte Russe and Ann Taylor Loft jeans and a black cable knit chunky Liz Claiborne sweater all for less than 10 bucks, woot!

Here is an item I acquired a few weeks back that I hadn't posted on but definitely deserves a spot on the blog, a beautiful Papal Edition Bible from the 1950's.

The page edges are all gold tone and the illustrations are absolutely incredible. I acquired this at an estate sale and I cannot believe the family would sell such an amazing example of the Word. I have it on ebay and hope a collector of religious pieces will find this beauty.

In my last post, yeah, I know, it's been a few weeks...I promised a cool Mad Men-esque item:

Here it is. A chromed-out shiny ball ashtray stand! Totally mid-century and atomic. What a fantastic addition to any man cave or basement bar...hello gift idea! Yep, it'll be in my etsy store in time for the weekend shopping rush.
Will any of you be going out for Black Friday or purchasing online for Cyber Monday? Feel free to comment with any hot deals you have heard of.

I will probably stay at home. I'll be manning the e-shops over a cup of hot coffee with the doggie keeping my feet warm.

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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  1. How have I not noticed your blog before!?!! Great finds - love getting good clothes for cheap :)

  2. Hey Rachael! I bet you are loving the new camera! I have had lots of frustrations learning how to use mine, but luckily my boyfriend's mom is REALLY great at it! Oh and I absolutely love the picture of your dog, what a cutie, I love dobies, their long snouts are so precious! I feel like I end up taking waaaaay too many pictures of my dog, shouldn't I be taking pictures of more cool things? Yeah, maybe someday!

  3. You'll be amazed at the pictures you can get with your new camera. You really locked out in the clothes department at GW. Your dog is so cute, and you found yourself some really great finds. Would you share over at Sunday's Best going on right now. Now following you.

  4. Just found your blog. HOW did you take this nose pic of your sweetie? I have 2 labs and that is how I see them!