Monday, June 18, 2012

Yard Sale Haul...Why Did I Ever Shop Retail?

Shoulda, woulda, coulda...I try to look forward and not back on what I could have done differently. But jeez, I would have saved a heap of cash if I would have started shopping second hand earlier.

Oh well, wanna see my loot from some recent sales?

I have had some nice luck lately at the yard sales. On the same day as my near death experience (not kidding) and my holy grail Pyrex score, I also found some other really good stuff.

The Puma shoes have a great leather and suede thing going on. I have no idea what the Nine West light tan shoe style is called, my hubby said they look like old lady shoes, (leave in comments if you know the style) but they are comfy and will be perfect with straight leg jeans in the Autumn. Both were $4 and the nice man running the sale threw in this Patagonia (!) pullover for FREE :)

Patagonia items are so nice and well made but dang they are expensive, so FREE was awesome!

At another stop, a young couple was hosting a very small sale packed full of designer chic. I picked up this cute blue/gold/white necklace for a buck.

There were so many men's items with tags still on them at this sale too! The wife explained that she would buy an item for her husband every time she went shopping for herself so that she wouldn't feel guilty. This lead to many unworn items. I scooped a Banana Republic SILK CASHMERE men's XL sweater and an Armani Exchange XL ribbed polo. They won't fit my hubby, so I think I will post them here on the blog this week so my favorite thrifting peeps can have first crack at a deal before I post them to my ebay store. 

What is your best ever tag-on thrifted find? Leave a comment below or come share a picture over at the Facebook page!


  1. OOO I love those Puma shoes and the necklace! I have had some pretty awesome thrift finds but I don't think any were tags-on. I don't seem to have much luck with yard sales which is so funny considering how much I love secondhand- lucky you!

  2. Yeah those tan shoes look similar to ones popular in the late '70's.I remember my brother used to wear his with bell bottom jeans.And then like 10 years ago my niece had some too.Isn't it funny how things come back around?

  3. Chukkas! All the surfer kids wore them in So Cal growing up, well, those and our Vans. Super comfy...not at all old lady! :)