Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thrifted DIY

When you are thrifting, don't forget to look high and low. That's when you find the coolest stuff that others have overlooked. Case in point, this cool DIY Supergraphic System Kit from 1974 that I found tucked at the back of a bottom shelf at Goodwill!

What the heck is a super graphic you ask? Here are some visual representations of super graphics:

We all have that big, blank, canvas of a wall in our home that could use some livening up. Why not do a little DIY magic and fill up that area with a cool super graphic?

The Supergraphic System packaging boasts how 'simple' and 'fun' painting your own wall-sized super graphic can be with their boxed kit.

I don't know about 'simple' and 'fun' but this would sure look cool and would definitely leave one with a feeling of DIY satisfaction when done!

The painting part aside...Look at all of the cool furniture in the photographs on the box:

I totally want the white chair in the photo above!

What kinds of thrifted items have you found and used for projects around the house or yard?

Share your story below!
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  1. Today I hit a few GW's. and picked up 2 Pyrex
    pieces.One is a covered dish with hearts. The other is a small pitcher. I would love for you to see them.

    1. i am always up for looking at pyrex and thrifted finds! if you would like you can email a pic to me at thethriftypicker at hotmail
      or you can come on over to the facebook page (click thru on right side bar) and show them off over there!

  2. With the exception of two pieces of furniture and three lamps, everything in my home has been bought at thrift stores, auctions, from Craigslist or at estate sales. I'm all about decorating on a dime.

  3. Very cool find! I agree, you have to look and then re-look but if you do it that way you always find great stuff.

  4. i found a Supergraphic System a few years ago. didn't look too simple to me either.

  5. I feel like I could never have a house cool enough for those, haha! Love it though!

  6. Oh I love that Vuela print! What a cool find that kit is, have fun with it if you keep it!