Thursday, September 29, 2011

Retro Green Chair Wonderfulness and an Eyeball

Ahh, yes, the Flexsteel chair steal of the mid-century! We have been looking for more furniture to fill our living room. I was thrifting and walked up to the Goodwill and locked eyes with this fabulous chair. Fist thing I thought, whats wrong with it, and, it probably smells like old people or cat pee. Gave it the sniff test, and smelled like nothing. Ok, now what brand is this, and are there mice living in the bottom. Flexsteel and no mice. This is going well! Now where is the price tag? Went inside and asked employee and the next thing he said was music to my frugal ears, $4.99. I will take it!!! Didn't know how I was going to get it in the sedan, but I after some twine and leaving the trunk open while driving with a possible rain storm on the way, this piece of vintage heaven was home!
I am now waiting to find clearance upholstery fabric to the tune of about $3 a yard or less, 4-5 yards needed. The fabric will be a lighter color as the room is feeling a bit 'heavy' with our darker furniture.

See the eyeball lamp behind the chair? Came from an estate sale of a gentleman who owned his own candy shop back in the day in downtown. $10, I might keep this one. A little rust on the base and some minor scratches on the lamp head. Nothing that can't be solved with some black spray paint. Chrome is mint. If anyone knows the maker of this lamp, post it in the comments section por favor.
I also have some new items up in my Etsy shop Vintage Dreams check them out!

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  1. Great chair...and there's your eyeball lamp in the background! I hope our lamps turn out to be Sonnemans!